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Why Eat Wagyu Beef?

Our motto is simple...Wagyu Beef is better than normal beef.

But why? The question should be asked, even if the answer is quite straightforward. The reason chefs and foodies have turned to Australian Wagyu beef in such large numbers is one basic fact: the marbling is INCREDIBLE.

And when we say "marbling" we are referencing the fat content throughout the meat. The big difference in Wagyu marbling is that is tastes really, really good. The consistency of this marbling is quite impressive. Each cut allocated for Greg Norman's line is specifically chosen for its distinct marbling.

A well marbled steak not only tastes amazing but it cooks nicely, too. Wagyu beef can boast a slight sweetness that compliments the naturally savory flavor profile of salted steak. Wagyu beef is commonly used on a chef's menu as the premiere item above a more traditional cut of corn-fed beef. Wagyu beef comes from the genetics of a breed of Japanese cattle that is historically recognized as the most superior breed of cattle in the world.

At every level, Wagyu beef is simply the best.

This is supremely evident when you take that first bite. We assure you of this.
Greg is a Wagyu superfan and is very excited to share that appreciation with you and your family.