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Storing and Cooking

Storing and Cooking

Our guide to storing, preparing, cooking and serving Wagyu beef. Cooking and thawing instructions are also included in every order.

Greg Norman Signature Wagyu

About Wagyu Beef

Greg Norman Signature™ Wagyu is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan.


New Norman Venture Brings Australian Beef To U.S.

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Greg Norman introduced a new luxury brand of Australian beef to a select group of U.S. beef distributors at a distributor launch conference.

Called Greg Norman Australian Prime™ (GNAP), the new brand is led by its flagship range, Greg Norman Signature Wagyu, a minimum 300 days, grain-fed, super premium line of Wagyu beef. It is accompanied by Greg Norman Premium, a range of 120-day, grain-fed beef. The range also includes Greg Norman 100 percent Australian Beef Patties and Hot Dogs.

GNAP is produced in partnership with Australian Agricultural Company (AAco), Australia's oldest surviving corporation, founded in 1824. The company has more than 600,000 BSE-free cattle on 24 stations and feedlots comprising 22 million acres in Australia's Queensland and Northern Territory. AAco's "farm-to-plate" standard ensures complete management over the entire supply chain. The entire range is USDA-inspected and approved.

Greg Norman Signature Wagyu is graded on the traditional Japanese marbling scale, currently achieving marble scores 5-7. Pronounced WAG-oo, Wagyu beef is considered a super premium beef not only because of its generous marbling, but because of its fat quality. Wagyu (translates to "Japanese Cow") cattle are bred to produce fat that is substantially lower in saturated fats than other beef.

The 120-day, grain-fed Greg Norman Premium is graded by Meat Standards Australia for meat color, fat depth, breed content, marbling, maturity and ultimate carcass pH, and is one of the most rigorous grading systems in the world. The range is the world's first fully I.D.-trackable, "farm-to-plate" beef range. This process ensures that Greg Norman Premium or Signature Wagyu diners, as well, will enjoy a consistently excellent quality of grain-fed beef that's been aged for maximum tenderness and flavor.

No stranger to the beef industry, Norman has been ranching most of his life and is directly involved with many facets of his new beef line, including grading issues. In addition to winning 91 tournaments over his 30-year professional career, Norman is also an accomplished businessman. His ventures include California and Australian wineries, restaurants, a successful apparel line, golf course design, real estate development, and a new book detailing his entrepreneurial successes.

Seeing a big future for quality Australian grain-fed beef in the United States, Norman says, "There is no doubt that Australian food products, and beef in particular, resonate very strongly with U.S. consumers because of Australia's clean, green, wholesome image."

"Greg is already doing great things with Australian wines in the U.S. market, so there is a natural fit with our beef products. The opportunity for branded beef continues to grow with markets increasingly looking for assurances over food safety, traceability and integrity. We believe the credibility and quality of the Greg Norman name will ensure the steady growth of Australian Wagyu and the Greg Norman Australian Prime brand for many years to come," AACo managing director said.

For distribution information, contact Broadleaf USA, 5600 S. Alameda Street, Suite 100, Vernon, CA 90058 (TOLL FREE: 800-336-3844).

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