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Greg Norman Signature Wagyu

About Wagyu Beef

Greg Norman Signature™ Wagyu is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan.


Norman Backs Aussie Beef

By Jon Condon

Greg Norman sees a big future for quality Australian grain-fed beef in the United States. "There is no doubt that Australian food products, and beef in particular, resonate very strongly with U.S. consumers, because of this country's clean, green, wholesome image," he said.

The Great White Shark was in Brisbane in November to announce a joint venture with the world's biggest beef producer, the Australian Agricultural Company, which will lead to the launch of the Greg Norman Australian Prime beef brand on to export markets.

While the initial push will be into the U.S. foodservice sector, other destinations where golf is popular, in Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, will also benefit.

Greg Norman Australian Prime will market both 120-day shortfed beef similar to AACo's 1824 brand, as well as an elite, high marbled Wagyu product akin to the company's Kobe Cuisine and Darling Downs beef.

"Greg is a Queenslander, and is already doing great things with Australian wines in the U.S. market, so there is a natural fit with our beef products," AACo managing director said.

"The opportunity for branded beef continues to grow, and with the markets increasingly looking for assurances over food safety, traceability and integrity, the best way to capture the value behind is that through branding," he added.

Norman described his favorite piece of beef as a "grain-fed Wagyu sirloin," saying he enjoyed the unique flavor and juiciness that Wagyu beef delivered.

"There have been a few issues around the world with beef in recent years, but the creditability of the product coming out of this country, and from AACo in particular, is second to none," he said.

"There is a big resurgence in the image of beef generally in the global market, and Australia is going to play a key part in that."

The Shark displays a surprising affinity with the Queensland cattle industry, having spent long periods when he was younger working and fishing on a friend's property on the Gregory River in the Golf of Carpentaria.

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