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Greg Norman Signature Wagyu

About Wagyu Beef

Greg Norman Signature™ Wagyu is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan.

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Australia Showcases Greg Norman Wagyu Beef
At NRA Show

Courtesy of Michael Birchenall
Foodservice Monthly

[Editor note: While the emphasis these days in the food world is about local, that doesn't mean that we close our eyes to the rest of the world... especially when the product available differentiates itself in matters of taste and quality. It's all about balance. At the NRA Show in Chicago, FSM was invited to experience the Greg Norman Signature Wagyu.]

Food entertainment jumped a few notches at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago when the Meat & Livestock Australia booth featured a live cooking demo with Greg Norman and his daughter Morgan-Leigh Norman. in conjunction with Broadleaf, the Australian Agricultural Company (AAco) and Meat & Livestock Australia, they cooked with the international golfer's Signature Wagyu.

Morgan-leigh & Greg Norman

As a young man, Greg grew up around cattle stations in Australia's north. He worked on one of those stations - mustering cattle and rounding up strays. Norman has teamed with the Australian Agricultural Company (AAco) to bring foodservice and retail his product line.

Established in 1824, AAco is a world-leading beef producer, with ranches spreading over 17.75 million acres and running over half a million cattle under its management in Australia's north. Through breeding and best practice cattle raising, AAco has developed a full range of consistent, high quality Australian Kobestyle beef. They are raised free range for the first 18 months then spend 360 days being fed a Japanese formulation of grains to obtain intense marbling. This entire process is carefully implemented to protect the integrity of the cattle and produce an extremely clean all natural product.

Based in Vernon, Calif., Broadleaf brings into the U.S. marketplace the finest assortment and highest quality of exotic and unique meats and specialty foods from around the world. They provide the North American Market with distribution of Greg Norman Signature Wagyu ... in this market it is available through A.M. Briggs, a division of Sysco. The Norman line is now also available directly to consumers: To complete the experience Greg Norman also markets estate wines:

For the live demo, Norman prepared a Wagyu strip steak while his daughter prepared a complementary vegetable side dish. Later that same evening at an exclusive dinner at Sixteen Restaurant in Chicago's Trump Tower, the Norman Wagyu was prepared by the restaurant's Aussie chef Frank Brunacci. In attendance was FSM editor Michael Birchenall and Art and Soul chef/owner Art Smith.

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